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M Graham & Associates Inc – Your Tax Advantage.

When it comes to requiring professional tax services in Canada, M Graham & Associates Inc is the ideal solution to address and address customer needs in an accessible and fair manner.

With offices located in Nanaimo, BC they offer a wide range of tax consulting services such as:

  • Personal Tax: with services for the small and medium trader in relation to the planning, presentation and tax advice.
  • Tax Planning: Through a short- and long-term fiscal strategy, in order to maximize personal, family and business benefits.
  • Business Accounting: Guaranteeing a service oriented to both the small trader and the corporate level, so that the accounting and financial information of the company is impeccable avoiding, as far as possible, the application of fines and even closures.
  • Business Tax: By means of a strategy that covers aspects such as:
    •  Investment Planning.
    •  Taxes Deferment.
    •  Charity Donations.

Also, through family tax planning, we value the integration of personal and business tax planning to fully benefit all members of the family who pay taxes.

  • Business Advisory: Offer an advisory service to assist in specific circumstances, including:
    •  Succession plan.
    •  Fusions and acquisitions.
    •  Cash Flow Management.
  • Bookkeeping: Classifying information and organizing company records into monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements, providing accurate financial records and timely reporting. Also, performing the management of the payroll, preparation, and presentation of taxes

M Graham & Associates Inc has a philosophy of simplifying the complicated aspects of accounting and taxation, making it easy and understandable for all its customers and users.

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If you are looking for an Accountant in Nanaimo, but facing a tough time finding a reliable and trustworthy consulting firm in the area, M Graham & Associates Inc is the most reputed one among many consultors. We offer exceptional customer service and a highly skilled team.

Visit to know about their services or call them at 250-754-1852 to book a free meeting today.