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Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headache Pain, Sciatica, Leg Pain, and Arm Pain Care

Your Chiropractors in Durham & Chapel Hill

Important Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Us as Your Durham Chiropractors.

1. We Teach You How to Stay Pain Free
Not just one thing leads to pain. It is a combination of factors added up over years that lead you to your current health. We give you the tools and information you need to keep your body healthy and pain free.  Our Durham NC Chiropractors study with leaders in the natural health care field giving them insights into more than just pain relief. Our philosophy of think well, eat well, move well, and supplement well is backed by science and the results our patients see every day!

2. We Treat You as an Individual
Some Durham Chiropractic offices in our area rush you in and out giving you very little contact with the doctor. Our practice is set up so that we can talk about your health on each visit while you’re getting adjusted. We believe that not everyone needs the same adjustment based on your age, comfort, and health so we offer a variety of effective treatments. We will work with you to find the best treatment.

3. We Are Holistic Doctors
Our philosophy is think well, eat well, move well, and supplement well. Together these 4 things will increase your energy, balance your hormones, reduce toxins, keep you at a healthy weight, and make you happier! Imagine the most vibrant version of yourself, the one that others want to be around, the one who doesn’t get stressed by the little things in life. That can be you with the right coaching and dedication!

4. We Have One Goal – To Help You Live a Healthier Life
We are not a healthy country and our health care system is focused on disease care – not health care. We are on the cutting edge of health care which means you get help in every area of your health when you are a patient here. The future of health care will be individuals learning how to keep their bodies healthy without a dependence on quick fix drugs and surgeries to change their life.

5. We Are a Family Business
We are a family owned and operated business. This means that you will also be treated as part of our family during your time with us. Whether it is shown through the smiling faces as you walk through the door or our staff going above and beyond to make your day better you will feel that you are much more than just another patient in our office. Part of our family philosophy includes treating infants to the elderly.


Dr. Cortney Dice and Dr. James Nall

Husband and wife team Dr. Cortney Dice Nall, D.C., C.K.T.P. and Dr. James Nall D.C., C.K.T.P. are trained Durham NC Chiropractors known for utilizing the most up to date natural health care technologies. Both doctors travel the country to learn the latest advances so they can bring them back to share.

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In our free time, we enjoy spending time outdoors, trying new restaurants, going to Bulls games, live music, and exploring the south.

We understand that most people think that Chiropractors in Chapel Hill NC  are limited to treatment of back and neck pain. While Durham Chiropractic is exceptionally effective at treating mechanical pain there are many other conditions that have improved with natural therapies designed to enhance the body’s ability to heal itself! Dr. Dice and Dr. Nall have helped people with multiple conditions in addition to back and neck pain for several years now.

What if we told you that there are a handful of  areas in your life – physical, nutritional, and emotional that together make up the foundation for all aspects of your health. And if your foundations are strong the chances of illness and pain can be lessened and if they do show up, they are much easier to manage. Think of it the same as having a strong, solid foundation for your home versus a cracked, uneven, and shaky foundation!

For instance, cracks in your nutritional foundation can lead to obesity which until recently had to be treated with drugs and surgeries that come with high risks. Today we know that obesity is best treated naturally by re-training your endocrine system so that the weight stays off.

Another health concern for many people is mental or emotional stress. Think about your favorite TV police drama where they hook a suspect up to a “lie detector” machine. The sensors monitor the person’s physical responses to their own thoughts! It’s true, your thoughts produce physical reactions in your body. Positive thoughts = healthy processes, negative thoughts = harmful processes. Dr. Dice has people travel from different states to receive this ground-breaking technology! Visit Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique for more information.

We pride ourselves on being different from other Chiropractors in Durham you have tried before. We use several adjusting techniques that are gentle enough for the young and old. From your very first encounter with our office you will be able to tell that we care for our patients and go the extra mile to make you comfortable.

We are out to change to perception of Chiropractors in Chapel Hill. Changes in insurance and health care are right around the corner and people need to learn how to take care of themselves and be pro-active in their health. We have breakthrough information that you can implement today.

If that sounded like a Durham Chiropractor you would want to work with, call us today so you can get back to your normal self. We are never to busy to help you!